Malibu Fishing Kayak Reviews

Malibu Fishing Kayak Reviews

Logical Malibu Fishing Kayak Reviews

One of the more popular brands, Malibu Kayaks have been around since 1999, and are the number one seller of kayaks in the entire world. They offer some of the latest in technological advances and features, with kayaks that boast some of the highest durability and stability ratings on the market. Combined with a lifetime warranty which comes standard with all of their products, they put their brand on the line with every make and model, and you can be rest assured that you are getting quality. On the other hand, this doesn’t come cheap, and most of their kayaks are designed with durability in mind, so the speed and efficiency in the water is sacrificed. Their bases are a little broader than similar models from Old Town and Perception, so you’ll have to decide what matters most to you.

Malibu Fishing Kayak Reviews

Malibu features a large array of kayaks for many different enthusiasts. From recreational paddlers, scuba divers, and surfers, to of course anglers. Each model is designed specifically to fit the market niche, but than again you can always attach custom rigging to any kayak and make it work. These models include the Pro Explorer, Mini-X, X-Factor, and Pro 2 Tandem, plus the newly minted Sierra.

Malibu has been known for their risk taking and willingness to add unique and often untested features. The Sierra 10 for instance, features characteristics which are seen in both sit on top kayaks, and sit in styled models. This series also included a newly designed scuppered rear, which gave it a unique ergonomic design, allowing it to glide through the water quicker while maintaining stability. Here is a list of Malibu’s current kayak models, but yakanglers everywhere know to keep a close watch to see what juicy features Malibu plans on offering next.

Model Lineup

Mini-X Series

The Mini-X series features three different classes of kayak, and are best known for their amazing light weight design, making them perfect for diving and fishing. These models include the “fish and dive” model, the recreational model, and the standard model, and are great for kayakers regardless of their skill level due to superior stability.

Some of the features included on these models, include a large hatch located in the center. This gives the kayaker a very comfortable dry area in which to sit, along with molded footrests, a built in cup holder, holders for your paddles, and carrying holders. In the rear compartment is a 5-gallon bait tank, which is an anglers dream, a file crate, and several other features. What is most impressive about these kayaks however, like previously stated, is their versatility. What served as a diving kayak one week, can help you fish another week, or you can simply go out for a nice paddle.

Pro 2 Tandem

This is Malibu’s leading tandem kayak, and is the most popular model on the market if you are interested in teaming up with a buddy. This particular model is designed to take on the most challenging of rivers, oceans, and lakes, and like all of their models, is incredibly stable. Perhaps this is the biggest reason for their popularity, as most tandem models are much more difficult to maneuver and maintain. It will work well, no matter how many occupants, and no matter your skill level.

Some of the features in the Pro 2, include molded foot wells, dry seating, an 8-inch rear hatch, and an incredible 6 rod holders for fishing. There are several other standard features that come with the Pro 2, but I found it interesting that there is a molded insert for a trolling motor, morphing your kayak into a hybrid motor boat. Neat!

Stealth Series

This is Malibu’s main diver and fish series of kayaks, which they’ve smartly named their stealth series. The Stealth series comes in 3 models, Stealth 9(9 feet), Stealth 12(12 feet), and Stealth 14(14 feet). This is pretty much the standard when it comes to fishing kayaks, and provides yakanglers with a bait tank storage system located around the mid-ship, plus the stability you need to cast and jig your lines.

What separates this model from other models, is the incredible amount of storage space. The large cockpit has a casting platform, a very comfortable seat for when paddling, and adjustable track system for your feet, and a well storage area for bait fish. Near the rear, you’ll notice an area that includes 2 rod holders and a bungee system for towing, plus a 45 degree hatch.

Sierra 10

This is Malibu’s newest model, and it tailor made for fishing. Its a solo model, but can carry as much as 325 pound of weight, for when you want to carry with you some heavy equipment. Some other features include a large 5 gallon bucket to store your bait, another storage area to hold your non-fishing related supplies, and a rear area that has your standard bungee system, rod holders, and nylon hooks.

What you will noticed most about the Sierra 10, is its comfort. Its extremely stable and compact, at about 10 feet, and offers a hybrid ergonomic design that gets you to where you need to go.

3.4 Recreational

Although Malibu is known for their stability, at the sacrifice of speed, the 3.4 Recreational is the exception. This particular model is designed for fast maneuvering and versatility, and features a sleek design which makes it one of the most popular recreational models of kayaks available on the market. This is not your standard fishing kayak, however, it does support up to 230 pounds and have a proven hull design and storage hatch, just in case you want to do a little bit of side fishing while out on the water.

X-13 Series

Like the name suggests, this is a 13 foot model and a hybrid fish/recreational styled kayak. It supports an incredible 450 pounds of equipment, and includes an incredibly large amount of storage, speed, and stability that not many other models can match.

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